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Cooperation with UNESCO on Internet Universality Indicators

Digital Era NGO has been implementing the project to assess the Internet environment of Mongolia comprehensively by using the Internet Universality Indicators since December 2021. 
In 2013, the UNESCO started welcoming advice and feedback on the research process, which ultimately turned into creating Internet Universality. The Internet Universality Indicators aim to fully assess and define Internet environments of each country and opportunities to achieve Internet sustainable development. This concept consists of the following five categories.
• R – that the Internet is based on human rights
• O – that it is open
• А – that it should be accessible to all
• М – that it is nurtured by multi-stakeholder participation
• Х – Cross-cutting issues – Gender equality, Children, Sustainable development, Trust and security, and Legal and ethical aspects of the Internet. All these categories contain 303 indicators, 109 of which are core indicators. In other words, it enables the national assessment to be done based on the core indicators when time and human and financial resources are limited. 
After constant research and consulting with stakeholders, the report content was finalized and submitted to UNESCO in 2023, thus making Mongolia’s National Assessment the 6th edition of UNESCO Publication Series on Internet Universality Assessments.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We aim to make a difference by integrating the skills necessary for companies to further develop in the digital era.

Online Security

To teach and develop the idea of guaranteeing one’s own safety and gaining deeper understanding of online security when people use the internet, social networks and other forms of digital technology.

Child Online Protection

We will be offering training courses to parents, guardians and schools on how to teach children how to safely use the internet.

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