Our Mission

Almost everyone benefits greatly from the enormous communication and information potential of the internet. However, as our reliance and dependence on the internet increases, many safety concerns rise exponentially. For example, online verbal and sexual abuse of children through social media, video games and chatrooms, digital scams,  and quick spread of false information online. Other concerns rise as well, specifically for companies and organizations. In this age of digital transformation, getting left behind in the dust by other companies and organizations because you were too slow to adapt to the changing era could mean huge losses. The overriding goal for Digital Era is to help address these concerns through fulfilling the following objectives:

•Offering training courses on how to guarantee your own and your loved ones’ safety on the internet

•Offer consulting services on digital transformation to companies and organizations

•To increase digital literacy of people by giving out free and extensive information on the digital world

•To increase the awareness on child exploitation on the internet by working together with schools, legal guardians, educational institutes etc…